5th Birthday Party

On Sydney's birthday we always try to do something as a family. But when it comes to her birthday party, that is all about Sydney and her friends. I am not someone who does a Pinterest party, and we do not have boat loads of family that attends. We literally invite Sydney's friends to the parties and that is it. That is how we did it last year, and it turned out so well that we did it that way again this year. 


The weather was beautiful, and the attitudes were great! Once everyone got here we had 6 adults, 8 kids ranging from 3 to 5, and one newborn. Once all of the kids got to the house they kind of disappeared in Sydney's room playing. Then one kid mentioned they were hungry. Two seconds later they were all hungry so it was PIZZA TIME! I told you I keep it simple. Lol! After all of the little bellies were full it was time for PRESENTS! That is one thing that I love about birthday parties at this age... All of the kids are so helpful at opening presents! 

In just one picture you can see almost every kid. They all squeeze in so tight so that they don't miss a single piece of tissue removal or a shred of paper being thrown. I love seeing them all get so into the giving and the getting of presents. When their gift was being opened by Sydney their little faces would light up and they were so proud.  

I still think the next part is the best part of any party to them. What could be better than presents??? CAKE!!! 

They were all so happy to see that box get opened and the cake coming out. Can you blame them though? I mean what is better than a sugar rush at a party?! Lol.

I am honestly LOVING having the "friends" birthday party every year. Sydney is so happy the whole time and we get to hang out with our friends while she plays with hers. I really do think that this was one tradition that will always be carried out. When we do this the party is really all about her. She chooses the theme, the food, and the friends. This year it was flowers for a theme, pizza and cake for food, and all of her best friends. I am a little curious to see what next year is like. 

Tiffany KuehlComment