Let's Pick Some Apples!

In the beginning of September we were told that there would be a field trip to a local apple oprchard on the 25th. That happened to be the day before Sydney's birthday, so I would be parent helper and in charge of snacks for the field trip as well. To say that Sydney was excited would be a huge understatement! When she first started school, she got so upset because there is no school bus rides for her. So when they said that we would be riding that big yellow bus to the orchard she was too happy. 

The bus ride there was about 20 minutes. But I don't think that any of these girls had ever been on a bus before, because it was a full on roller coaster ever time we went around a bend or up/down a hill. I am talking "WOOOOOH!" and arms raised in the air. It was hilarious to sit behind them and watch them experience it for the first time. It also made me feel like I was back in school. Did I ever mention that I hated riding the bus??? lol. 

Once we got there the kids lined up in their Little School line and the tour guide gave us a little information about the orchard. It is the cutest little orchard, and the owners live in right there on location. Once we started walking they pointed out that there were raspberries really close by. Then they said that they needed a HUGE favor. You see once raspberries are ripe, they go bad quickly. So they wanted to kids to pick as many as they could and eat them to prevent spoiled berries. You can image just how willing the kids were. They started running around and going to town on finding those ripe berries. I think that Sydney had four or five alone. The funny thing about that is that she won't normally eat these berries when we have them at home. Blueberries are her favorite, and she almost always turns down the raspberries. But let her pick them fresh and she apparently LOVES them. I think maybe we need to start going to the U-Pick-It farms more often next year! lol.

After devouring a few berries it was time to continue on with our tour. We got to walk through and look at all of the trees that held apples and a few of the grape vines. There were even pumpkins in a patch that they got to look through. There was one ghost pumpkin and they were tasked with the goal of finding that as we walked by the patch on the way to the Little School tree. It was pretty cure to watch them trying to find it. Once they did we were off to go find the Little School tree of apples. 


Sydney was so into the experience that she would come find me every few minutes, but for the most part she just took off looking and having fun. I didn't mind one but and just enjoyed snapping a few photos with my phone. 

As we were walking we were noticing that the bees were CRAZY that day. I mean they were all over. Then once we found our tree and picked our apples the kids were told that they should shine their apples up to get them ready to eat. But not to eat them right away because then the bees would be after them for their apples. When she said this all the kids heard was "Protect your apples!". lol. So most of thie kids were hiding them as you can see. 

Once the tour was done it was time to play and have a snack. Remember how I mentioned that it was my day to be in charge of snacks? Well what do you take for a birthday snack on a field trip? My initial plan was to take cupcakes, but those don't travel well, so that plan was pushed aside. After a little thinking I finally decided to make rice krispie treats with sprinkles on them. We brought those and applesauce, because when you bring something sweet for a birthday snack, you also have to bring a healthy option. I was so proud of myself for thinking of an option that could be transported easily! But do you remember those bees??? Ya, my idea was even sweeter than those apples that the kids were gaurding with their lives. lol. So even though they were a hit with the kids, I learned a lesson. lol.

Overall the whole day was a hit! Sydney had a blast on her very first field trip, and it was a gorgeous day at an Orchard that was completely new to me. It was also the kick starter to a HUGE weekend for Sydney. The next day was her BIRTHDAY! I can't wait to show you how we celebrated. 

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