I Suck!

I truly do suck at keeping my blog updated regularly! The last post that I did was about Sydney starting school. She has now been in school for almost TWO MONTHS! 

The thing is that it's not like I don't have anything to post about. I actually have a ton that I feel I should document, and maybe that's part of the problem. I try to think of what to post about first and I get a little overwhelmed. If you know anything about me, then you know that I always have todo lists going. So that is kind of what this post will be about. I want to list some of what has happened in the last couple of months, and if your interested then make sure to stick around to see the posts.

So, what has happened???

  • We had our first field trip.
  • Sydney turned FIVE!
  • Sydney had a birthday party. 
  • I was parent helper a few times.
  • I started going back to the gym.
  • I hosted a Thirty-One party!
  • We celebrated our first anniversary since getting married!
  • I got the new IPhone.
  • We FINALLY finished the Jenny Lind bed. 
  • We have overcome tummy issues after seeing a pediatric GI specialist.
  • We have been to parades.
  • We have had FOUR colds go through this house in the last two months.
  • We have danced in the rain.
  • I started talking to the father that I had nothing to do with growing up
  • We have discovered that turning five brings boat loads of attitude.

As you can see, the crickets around here aren't because things have been uneventful. It's more like one day of no posting turning into months of no posting because I felt so far behind. 

So over the next few days I am going to work on gathering images, watermarking them, and posting my little heart out. I will do a post before I start working every day. Maybe if I start that routine it will stick! Because I do miss the interaction that comes along with posting and reading blog posts daily.  

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